Eric Bellinger


[Verse: Eric Bellinger]
Bring that over here, baby girl I know you ain't leavin'
You know you wanna stay, shawty see the way you've been feenin'
So let me put you in the Desk, and give you this nice long evening
Girl, you my number one, call me MJ the way I beat it

[Pre-Chorus: Eric Bellinger]
But if you don't want it, let me keep it, and i'll have it
For whenever you need it, call me, and i'll grab it
But if you do like it
Come back for it, don't fight it
Ooh, how does it feel?
Does it feel like a dream? (Dream)

[Chorus: Eric Bellinger]
Baby this is inception
Ooh, and it's just your imagination runnin' away
You give me a kick (Kick)
I give you a kiss (Kiss)
You give me a suck (Suck)
I give you a lick
Girl, this is inception
Ooh, it's just your imagination runnin' away
You tell me you like it (Like it)
I know what you mean (Mean)
Have you ever been inside a dream, inside a dream, girl?
This is inception
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