Jonny Craig

"Forelsket (Euphoria)"

[Verse 1]
Two sides, every story, two sides
You won't listen to my side
You don't get it, it's my life, yeah
I cannot press rewind
I can't go back in time, girl
I know you're not surprised
I know the reasons why, why
Goodbyes, I'm not good at goodbyes
Promised we'd give it one more try
Tired of swallowing my pride, yeah
Not fighting back this time
I gotta say I've tried, yeah
I got peace of mind, I control the silence

Wish that I could go back to euphoria
Only where I feel your touch and that's enough
One day I'll say that I knew we'd make it
I knew we'd make it

[Verse 2]
Will I ever feel love again
Ever have faith again
In myself, or anyone else? Yeah, oh
Nothing but questions, pray for a lesson
Keep hanging on by a thread
All the doubting, all the hatred, all of the wishing I'm dead
Stay quiet, low key, no words from me
You do your thing, just know I'll be
Right here with a new version of me
Updated 2.0 JC, let go of the baggage on me
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