Dis Beef lyrics


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Hello there humans
I'm the great Papyrus
Welcome to my cooking show
Today we'll make steak!
First you start
By taking out a cut of dis beef

[Verse 1:]
If you are wondering
Why I'm crying
I cut some onions for the garnish!
I just think that it tastes pretty good
With steak
Now onto the lesson with me!

[Verse 2:]
Now we'll tenderize the steak!
We do not want the meat to break
All your teeth because its too tough!
Then somе salt and pepper seasoning!
Shakе-shake-shake-a, shake-shake-a, shake!

[Verse 3:]
Now we'll add some lemon
To let the flavor sink in
Throw that baby on the grill
And let it cook!

{Verse 4:}
In the meantime, let's get some parsley so that we can
Put it on the steak when it's all done cooking!
I like my steak medium rare!
Just a fact i'd like to share!

Oh my god! That steak looks delicious! Smell that, won't you? Nyeheheh!
This steak is looking good
Under the grills hood
Yum-yum! Nyeheheh!

[Verse 5:]
Now spread the parsley
On top of the steak!
Spread the onions around
That steak is nice and brown!
Mm-mm, that smells delicious!

[Verse 6:]
Here's a baked potato to go with it!
And some cheese
And salt
And sour cream
And butter!

[Verse 7:]
That's it for Papyrus' cooking show!
You wanna learn to cook disbeef, you know?
This recipe wasn't too tough!
I think this meal's enough!
Papyrus is the best!
The skeletal masterchef-

Wait, hold on, hold on, i'm getting a call. Stop the music!
Oh, where did I put my phone..? Ah, here it is!
Great Papyrus, how may I help you?
Uh-huh. Uh-huh...Oh. Oh is THAT what they wanted? Why would they want something like that? That sounds terrible! The human would never do that! I'll have you know that's not very kid-friendly! Good day to you, sir!
Apologies for that, everyone! Papyrus' Cooking Show is done completely unrehearsed and as such, unsolicited phone calls can happen at any time! Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this little lesson on how to make steak

Nyeheheh! ...Ah, cut the shot
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