(Oh my God, Kidszn, you're crazy)

All of my diamonds they hit I believe that
If you got money then give me a feature
Stripes on my body I feel like a cheetah
Shawty she want me I don't wanna meet her
I get a bag and I'm doing the most
I'm making hits and I feel like the goat
Now I got money, I'm making a toast
These b*tches on me, they doing the most

[Verse 1]
I got a bag and I'll do it again
Shawty she on me, she telling her friends
If you wanna feature then give me a band
I'm making money I don't make amends
They keep on telling me I ain't gon' make it in music but I'm gonna be who I am
I'm finna put all my team in a mansion these labels they on me 'cause I'm a demand
I want designer bags expensive tags
Baby we can run planet earth and get it back
In the stu like every night I run it back
To all the people who doubted me I know you sad

Da da da da da da da da da da da, haha
Yeah, yeah
Da da da da
Wait 'til this sh*t drop, haha
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