"Love Goes (EDM Version)"

We don't ever want to say goodbye
Love goes, love goes, love goes (love goes)
There's no answer to the question 'why'
Love goes, love goes, love goes

Yeah, uh uh, oh
I've been to many places
And everywhere I go I could see all the traces
The happiness written in both of our faces
Forced to embrace the fact
That reality made this—еrases

And I hate this
Oh god, I hate this
Evеry time I close my eyes all I see is your face
And I miss your kiss
The warmth—I'm in bliss
I feel the pain and it's insane
Help me, won't you take this

Ever since my love has gone away (away), away (away)
Every single thing has turned to gray
Still, I don't wanna say goodbye

'Cause I could still feel you
You took my heart with you
No, I can't live without you
All I need is your love
So won't you take me with you
'Cause I don't know what to do
You're the one I love
The only one I'll never say goodbye
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