(Got the beat by Powers, and we just made a banger)
Come live reckless with me
Can't fight what you wanna be
Yeah, I've been dying to meet
That other side of you
I'll bring it out, you gon' see

[Verse 1]
I could be your lifeline
Tell me that you won't lie
Tell me where your love lies
I don't mean to rush you
Girl, I don't have enough time
Ponder on this one life
I'ma go and get mines
But, baby, it's a long drive
You can tag along too
I could use a co-pilot
Tell me, does it feel right?

Tell me, do you really wanna go there?
We could go to Dizzy's, I'm so in
Full heartbeat got me open
Runnin' through my mind out of nowhere, out of nowhere
And when you movin'
Know that I start to lose it
I be stickin' to you, I'm glued in
Got me reckless, unruly, unruly
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