Shawn Mendes

"Chase Your Dreams"

Verse 1 {Daniel Seavey}
Hey, watcha doin’ today?
Do you wanna go out on a date?
I could take you away
To paris or new york
Where we’ll have a great night away
From all the drama and karma
That’s been happening for a while
I’m trying to make you chase your dreams away...

Post Chorus {Corbyn Besson}
Girl i know you wanna make it big
Make everybody know you name
Be known around the whole world
And live the best life
So why don’t we go to LA?

Chorus {Shawn Mendes}
Chase your dreams
Don’t be afraid to fall
I’m over here
And your over there
We can work together
To make it there
Please chase your dreams baby
That’s how much you mean to me

Verse 2 {Zach Herron} *Not yet received*

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