Suicide Manifesto (Song #9 on ”The Snake King”) lyrics


Rick Springfield

I woke up so damned depressed
There's a handgun in the drawer
I got that feeling dark again
Found the hangman by my door
It's another black dark morning
I can't take many more
There's nothing here worth fighting for
Mama used to worry
Son, take care of your mental health
Don't remember where I left it
Picking dust up on the shelf
God waits for me on the other side
At least that's what I tell myself
I've got nothing here worth staying for

I aspired to something grеater
What I expectеd, I don't know
I used to be a fighter
Now I'm just a victim of the ebb and flow
Lookin' forward to the silence
When I cut my radio
As I kneel down broken on the floor

A voice in my car stereo says
The road is goin' to drop
There's a dead end sign in front of me
Managed by a godless cop
It gets so bad sometimes
I just want it all to stop
There's nothing here worth living for
I'm kneeling to the stronger force
Bracing for the blow
I see the traces of a fire
Burned out long ago
I packed my bags
I'm ready for the great last picture show
It's nationwide not suicide manifesto
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