Safe to say it's risky
Counting on my sixteens
To be hero a hero in my hometown like I'm Dirk Nowitzki
Sharks around the jetski
Nightmares make me miss dreams
I know some friends of mine today will be the first to diss me

But they'll miss me like a Stan Lee Cameo
Their life is looking like a cheap scenario
Or a teen reality tv

And when they me on these screens they gon go batsh*t crazy
They been so static lately
Thinking that I'd been lazy

And when their narcs come asking questions why they stashing the green
They say I sware I didn't wanna it was rap that made me
Like it's a fascist regime
But thing are not what they seem
They'll be nice enough to me until I step on their scene

Making money taking Molly
Talking sh*t around em it's they are trying
But I promised I won't quit
Until I bring a hundred bricks
Back to my mom

Dazed and confused don't understand how much a life is worth
Millions of views but no i wonder what the pice is bruh
Millions of years and we still talk about the dinosaurs
My sh*t so cold it turn the earth into an icicle

No sh*t no crocodile tears
If I say something I promise I'm living it
Flipping the burgers I swear I ain't lovin it
Tlanet is prominent why am I doing this
Oh sh*t, got a hand from my peers
Reminiscing on the days that I'm missing
If I get I chance I ain't gonna miss it
I am a legend like Elliot missy X2

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