Babylon English ver. lyrics



Sky market, here comes the bustle
Borders set, and we paint ‘em a pastel
Forced or vibrant, we hail it detail science
Wonderland, another hand is
Legal ‘till wheeled stale by a sister’s prayers
Drugged up on money, laugh and bet ‘till crafted bare
Hounds gone astray parade into the sound of glory
Muffled only as the crowd shouts “Victory!”
Lose the truth, we’ll blame it on God
And take your heart with a rubber band shot

Calling the wannabe gangstеrs feelin’ smart
It’s a win-win dilemma if you lay that fifth card
See, in this flat and long passed away city
Common sensе was never seen worthy

Tour the port, explore the fortress
Visit the havoc of our flying ship
State: Amusement. Mother Tongue: Confusion
Fare our fair of merry-go-rounds
Ferris wheels to ride built upon shrine grounds
That black market so rotten the bums fled
Drunk, these “Love me, Honey” noises annoy me
Who’d flip the bird other than some uppity chick?
“Wait, please! Baby! Sweetie!” All those hellos really make me feel sick!

Calling the wannabe-focused leading light
If you’re cool to lose all your pride you might attain that same high
Looking out to the steel tower feeding lines
That passage’s next dance will be mine

Somewhere in the sea of sin, one wave doesn’t crash
A mask seller passed asks for your charity’s hand
Pavlov set-off, little one’s tears run dry at chime
The pain cast away, but this time you say goodbye

La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la…
La la la la la la la la la la la la…
A shallow tune for shallow you
Cheap, all you nobody rockstars falling hard
Crying in the night that you’re gonna try a third duex-icide
Pre-war, the soldiers are sure to laugh at earth
Also you, unless you move that mask of Tengu
Calling the wannabe gangsters feelin’ smart
It’s a win-win dilemma if you play that fifth card
Say ‘Sayonara’ to our town growing dark
And I guess that’s the end ‘till we meet again!
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