Wrinkle English ver. lyrics



Spending every second gifted with the person you love
Wonder how much time has passed, and what will it become
Smiling, I can laugh and look back at my closed off heart
That thought love was out of reach
Despite that, suddenly “knock”! There you are
I’ve gone so long with smiles missing, but now I can start
Giving you the key

Every second, hour, as our wrinkles unfold
Even if it’s fun to dream about tomorrow
And what the future holds, I know
Every day I wake and see a wrinkle rising
I don’t care. Thеy’re there ‘causе I never stop smiling
You’ve changed my life like no other
So let’s face these days come that may

Spending every minute gifted with the person you love
Wonder how much time has passed, and what will become
If your time comes before mine, I’ll smile through our last moments
That was the promise we made
I’ll ask you now, may I have your hand?
Won’t you make me the happiest man? It’s from Isetan
And fits you perfect

Every day and month as all our wrinkles unfold
With the sunset colored to what our love will hold
Please don’t mind if I start crying
Everyday I wake and see a wrinkle rising
I won’t care it’s there, since I have you beside me
As long as we stay together
A time limit doesn’t exist

Forever’s fake, I know
The time for goodbyes will come, even so
I don’t care if that’s all true
I won’t abandon you
So with your hand in mine, let’s promise one more time

Soon that day arrives, and as I sense my heart slow
I can feel yours beating while you hold my hand close
No, I don’t mind that you’re crying
As we promised, though you’re sobbing like a child
Somehow through the pain, you still managed to smile
You looked so much like an angel
I smiled back as I said farewell
“I’m sure”, I said, closing my eyes
“We’ll meet again in our next life.”
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