Lemon Pepper Freestyle (Snippet)* lyrics


Bizzy Banks

Uh, look

My b*tch be thinkin' I don't care because I'm nonchalant
I'm just protecting my feelings bae, think what you want
I ain't gon' lie, cry 'bout Blaze at least like once a month
He made a pack off SBA, I made a pack off selling Runtz
I made 100K, but you know I had to split it with my dawgs
Luv' stuck up in that county, telling me about the law
Telling me that I'm the G.O.A.T and just keep on going hard
And to stay up out these streets and just go kill 'em with the bars
I can't wait to see my daughter, she gon' love me with my flaws
She ain't gon' care that I'm a dog, I'ma show 'em all my scars
And tell my baby I'm the realest, I ain't nothing like these frauds
I've been me from thе start, so how they gon' pull a card?
I ain't tryna be a gangster, sh*t for n*ggas in thе yard
I was just shooting at people now, I'm aiming for the stars
I heard there's rumors that I beat my b*tch, I don't even beat my di*k
n*ggas see sh*t and they just take it out of context
This sh*t too complex, my b*tch cut herself 'cause she was playing with some objects
And I ain't entertaining, it's some sh*t I had to digest
Just in and out in these streets praying to God that I don't die next, for real
n*ggas moving like I'm selfish, I'm like, "What you do for me though?"
I'm just, stuck up in my ways—
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