Back2Back lyrics


Bizzy Banks

( Grrah Grrah Boom )
Grrah Grrah Boom
Grrah Grrah

( Bizzy Banks )
Look , Oh Yeah
They Ain't Know I'm The Man Of The Year
They Been Stealin My Style For Years
I'm Just Happy They Can't Steal Again
They Can't Steal My Drip Cause It Cost Too Much
Tryna Catch , Can't Talk Too Much
Gotta Put Him In A Pack Cause He Talk Too Tough
You Did Ya Lil Ones But You Ain't Do Enough

( Kha Structure )
We Be Throwin Bullets These n*ggas Receiving
No Mike Jack She Could Beat It
Pretty b*tch Gone Suck On The Semen
Get Back Gang b*tch I Gotta Get Even
Smokin Blaze n*gga Are You Dumb ?
It Don't Take sh*t To Drive Another Thumb
[?] n*ggas Bums
Heard Boy Got Shot & Took It On A Jump

( Bizzy Banks )
Heard Boy Got Shot & Took It On A Hop
n*ggas Runnin When They Got The Chop
n*ggas Runnin When They See The Opps
Only Time I'm Runnin Is When I See A Thot
If I'm In The Spot With Another Thot
Nah I'm Lying They Know How I Rock
All My b*tches Love Me A Lot
Say I'm Too Smoove Gotta Give Me Props

( Kha Structure )
Like She Wanna f*ck Oh sh*t
Them n*ggas Bust No Grips
They Couldn't Merch No Hits
I Could Not Trust No b*tch
Kha Struc Gone Blick That n*gga , They Know That
And My b*tch A Demon She Gone Tote That
If I Got It On Me Ima Throw That
Pull Up On Clown Block , n*ggas O That

( Bizzy Banks )
n*ggas Owe Me Whatever I Ask For
I Was Just Broke Had To Punch In The Last 4
n*ggas Mad Cause They Mans Got Backdoored
Bullets Went Through The Car When They Hit Em Had To Score Off The Backboard
Can't Be Mad Cause You Broke , Lil n*gga Go Trap More
Put On For This sh*t Now A n*gga Feel Blackballed
And I Ain't A Dyke But I Keep The Strap On
With 30 In The Clip So I Could Go Blast More
Yo Kha , n*ggas Know What We Jack
They Ain't Expect Us To Spin Through The Back
They Ain't Expect Us To Go Back To Back
And If They Want Beef n*ggas Know Where We At
All Facts , No Cap
Pull Up On Us It's Like Blrrt Blat

( Kha Structure )
Oh It's A Uhn
Grrah Grrah Boom
I Told Her Dont Tweak Me I'm In A Mood
They Know My Body I Shake Up The Room
We Got Too Many Different Type Of Opps
I Got A Silly Different Type Of Knock
One Up In The Head , f*ck Her Like A Thot
Got Good Aim Shooting Like A Cop
I Ain't Have Nowhere To Put The Knock
But My n*gga Kay Kay Got It In The Box
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