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"Massiv - Löwenherz 2 (English Translation)"

A3tine el sikine, that was my sentence (my sentence)
Today I'm sitting in a Daimler (Daimler)
I have the street in my bones, what do you mean “real”?
I bled and would have killed for Berlin
You traitors (traitors), the facades fell down
The man makes the money and not the money the man
And since when (and since when) does a double rhyme turn you into a man?
I burn your Yeezys, this is Wedding and not Cannes
Real Arabs put their phones away and clarify everything between families without Internet (come)
You deny my career (uh)
I died a hundred times so you can live by it (come)
If you press a weapon against my temple
I say, brother, “wallah, squeeze!"(I say "brother, wallah, squeeze!")
Rather die by betrayal than to argue senselessly
I was born to risk it, Massiv (Massiv)
I researched the street, inhaled the street
I get off the street, but the street not away from me
I was hunted by thousands (I was searched by thousands)
Although you knew where I was, you did not try it
God, curse everyone who is lying here (uh)
I am not someone who betrays the fanbase (eh-eh)
You smell like alcohol?
Do not talk to me
You smell like weed?
Do not talk to me
f*ck talking, I want to react (come)
What protection vests? Plush blankets are enough against you
Credible rappers want to eat lead (uh)
Today Lean, back then black tea
Yesterday he was still wearing an Alpha, today a tank top from Marseille (come)
Oh, I describe your way of thinking (uh), please think quietly (uh)
In principle you are all cowards (tfuh)
Whether a cop or 99 Kanacks, all the same
I do not feed a dog that bites me (uh)
What matters is only the price, because you pay when you cry
Only who can reach your inside can also hurt you
I promised to remain standing
I sweared, your bullet will not send me to the afterlife
I've lost all that you can lose as a man (uh)
My life is a cage fight (uh)
I cried blood for all this here
I have renounced for all this here (uh)
I fought for it all this here (uh)
Please do not even try to explain me how it works
I have brothers in the game, but no one is my friend (tz)
I'm tougher than you (uh)
I'm stronger than the backers you call (come)
So do not talk about a full magazine (eh-eh)
Because real gangsters do not talk so much, what cocaine? (Uh)
Keep your distance, because Massiv is back
Man, I rule everything, without that I pull the trigger
I raised the flag for a hundred thousand Arabs
Today they pretend that I'm not here (phew)
Yesterday I received some stitches for your slang-rap
If I had not been there, you would not be here today
Disrespectful Gold-Rapper (come)
Disrespectful newcomers, I bring you back to the ground (psht)
If I want to, I'll make everything back to Ghetto (ghetto, ghetto)
After a double espresso
I never went over dead bodies like you
Never sold my soul like you
Never change my mind like you
Brother, I think before I talk
Honor from the throat, the “rapper with the lion-mane” (come)
That's timeless and brute (uh)
I am proud of my roots like Özil from Arsenal (come)
I give love from the heart to who deserves it
And burn all the haters like calories (uh)
From “Wasiem” it became “Massiv”
From “Massiv” it became “Lativ”, from the West Bank Palastine (uh)
I set “Al Massiva” on fire myself
But I built up the label “Qualität'er” out of the ground (huh)

Fifteen years, I remained true to myself
Never changed the label
No matter how big the check was
Never looked at the bank account
Always granted others success
Always made room for the other to pass by me
Where are you? Where am I?
Ana Bahebkon, Berlin come!

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