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"Ed Maverick - Quiero (English Translation)"

I wanna know if you are for me, I am for you or you for me
You don't know what you make me feel, I’ve choosen
I want you, I want you, I want you
Doesn't matter if that kid doesn't love you anymore
If you want to, I can be your shoulder to cry
It’s okay, I'm not mad, you know what I think
I don't think I'm on the friendzone, but sometimes I start doubting
-Ing-ing-ing, -ing-ing-ing
I regret about that kiss I gave you
You-u-u, you-u-u
Thanks for being my friend, "You like her but don't tell her"
Or at least that's what my homies said
"She still obsessed with that dude, what you do doesn't mean anything to her"
They got me down so I drinked all the tequila
What would happen if I kiss her? Maybe she would slap me
I went slowly to her, for real, she looked so pretty
I told her "Hey, kiss me," she said "Get up"
I replied "I'm not playing," she replied "Me either"
I thought that it’d be all bullsh*t, but for real, I don’t give a f*ck
I grabbed her with my right hand and then the magic happened
Since then I'm happy for her because there it’s not such girl
And even if she ignores me I'll fight for her
Her-er-er, her-er-er

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