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"Ed Maverick - Del río (English Translation)"

Tell me, why are you leaving?
By my side something can be interrupted when it's just going to start
I broke my sh*t up for this song, I hope you can listen it
There's nothing that makes me happier that your mouth starts talking
Nobody can get us apart
How long I dreamed of seeing you face to face
How much time did we have to spend? For this to finally happen
That night on the roof of that house
Your hand boiling under the stars, whatever we pleased
Seeing me in your eyes and knowing that you were going to leave
Nobody can get us apart
I know I have you but I don't have you near me
I feel something's missing, and that's you
I would give anything to see you smiling again
But here in front of me and looking you in front with your blue camera
Nobody can ruin us

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