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"Ed Maverick - Reencuentro (Interlodo) (English Translation)"

[Talk: Ed Maverick & Unknown]
Yo, bro!
What's up, dawg? Sorry for being late, dude
No problem
I was doing some stuff on my house and... What's up? It's been a while
Haha, yes, a lot
What, what's up? How has life gone?

Hold up bro, how much has it been? About three years ago, damn
Approx., approx., haha
Well, it's not that much but... Cool bro, so how is it going or what?
Well, in what aspect bro? Everything? Life?
Well, I don't know, bro
Love, girls, bro, you tell me first
Okay... Wait, where's the f*cking waiter?
May I take your order?
I want... Let me see, what's in the menu?
There you go
A glass of wine, please, red wine
What did you asked to me, sorry, bro?
How is it going and all that
Oh, bro, okay, first, once in a little party, when you just left... First I was like casual on a little party, dude, something casual, yo know, with a girl... And so I thought the girl since that already...
Party love, bro
Yes, something stupid, actually... And so that was it, since then I focused on that girl, but not like, you know, how do I say it, I never told her anything and at the end I told her and she was like why I did not tell her and that... And like "Oh, I was afraid to no," but same thing happened
Yes, it always happen, dude
She told me "Never think that, because...," she wanted me to understand that she also liked me, but not clearly, haha
And that's it, bro, I had a girl, then we had something and she went to live to USA
To study?
Actually, she went to study
Oh, cool
Here are your two glasses of wine, young men
Thank you very much
Cheers, right?
Since when you are so trashy, dude?
Nah, just kidding, cheers, dawg
What else happened? Oh, I had anxiety for a while
I don't know, it wasn't like truly anxiety, it was more like a crysis, like, I was normal and suddenly someone asked me what were I doing and I was such an as*h*le, it was so f*cked up, lately nothing has happened, all quiet
Often happens, bro
And what the f*ck has happened to you, dude?
Everything, really has gone well, good, but not so good, you know? I've had my ups and downs, I've had my good relationships, my bad relationships, my best moments and my worst
They have denied me, they have betrayed me, they have stabbed me in the back colloquially, bro, *laughter*

*Laughter*, son of a b*tch... Where did you get that? Arjona?
Hell yeah, dude, *laughter*
But as long as one has health, that one is well with one... *laughter*
"As long as one has the right hand, the left...." *laughter*
f*ck yeah, dude
So I reitre, dude, it's on you

Motherf*cker, nah, it's cool, bro, see you
Thanks, bro, see you
Same, same, bro, take care a lot

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