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"Kizaru – MONEY LONG (English Translation)"

Original Lyrics

[Intro: Smoky Mo]
- Let all the b*tches to suck my di*k. Let all the motherf*ckers to pay me money for my rap. Haters, suck my di*k, suck my balls. Get a f*ck, I do only what I love

Bang-Bang at someone's house reid (ayy)
I'm crazy, bill made rave (whoa-whoa)
Bad talk, digging a grave for you (you're dead)
If you know what is it, then you'll understand my way (shish)
Bad b*tches call me Sheikh (ayy, ayy)
Made to the faces of those hoes milkshake (ouu-ouu)
Kilogramme of cookies, wedding cake (cake)
I won't share, f*ck all those children (f*ck)
Rrrah-ta-ta-ta-ta (no cap), it's payday payback (payback)
Don't worry about b*tches, backpack full of money (backpack)
I give them flava in ya ear like Craig Mack (ouu-ouu)
Pinch, if it's me, not me (aha)
I make money, money don't make me (uhu)
Shouting that you don't give a f*ck (it's bad)
No, you give a f*ck, who do you treat?
Your b*tch wants a photo with me (wants)
Neatlier, I'm trap-auditor (what?)
Every motherf*ckin' season, is ours season (like that)
Unpleasant, you're not friend for me (ye, ye, ye, ye)
Discoverer, you're obliged to me, boy, I'm you're creator
All your tricks are fake, Misterio
I'm confident, Missy Elliott is in my stereo (ouu-ouu)
All those children look confusedly
Good girl is hard to find
As well as rapper's punchline
Remember, it was different before (different)
Seldom played ball with boys (I)
Hustling from cars, from centre to Stachec
I wasn't pay-boy, built towers from bundles (cash)
Left all the motherf*ckers on roadside (out of game)
On me Rolex, your watch is from sand (gang)
Hit lines to face, all my pockets are juicy (tu-tu)
Money long, all my pockets now are lasting (shish)
Ayy, b*tch, ayy , I'm hoodrich official (ouu-ouu)
Now I see what I thought I'll never see
Higher and higher, I'm so glad that I went out (m-m)
Now I go to the Dior shop in Paris (flex)
You are dissolved, you have not navigation
Those motherf*ckers aren't in my location
Not enough reaction, there is no grace in the movements
Make investments, buy shares (ouu-ouu)

Those downs play the ape in TikTok
I dance Crip Walk, I need that big Glock
Owed so you're in trouble, as*h*le, I'm tip- top
She wants lip-loc, knows that there's a big boss (yeah-yeah)
A lot of things to do, it's rap-coup (ouu-ouu)
The best restaurant, hundred euros of entrecote
Suddenly the opposite, strong uppercut
I love all these brands, because I wear it well

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