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"Kizaru – MONEY LONG (English Translation)"

Original Lyrics

[Intro: Smoky Mo]
- Let all the b*tches to suck my di*k. Let all the motherf*ckers to pay me money for my rap. Haters, suck my di*k, suck my balls. Get a f*ck, I do only what I love

Bang-Bang, someone's house got a raid (yay)
I'm crazy, Bi made a rave (whoa-whoa)
Bad talk, digging yourself a grave (you're dead)
If you know who I am, then you'll understand my way (shish)
Bad b*tches call me Sheikh (ayy, ayy)
Made on the face of those hoes milkshake (ouu-ouu)
Kilogramme of cookies, wedding cake (cake)
I won't share, f*ck all of those children (f*ck)
Rat-ta-ta-ta-ta (no cap), it's payday, payback (payback)
I am not worrying about b*tches, backpack full of cash (backpack)
I give them flava in ya ear like Craig Mack (ouu-ouu)
Pinch, if me, is not me (aha)
I make money, money don't make me (ugu)
Shouting that you don't give a f*ck (it's bad)
No, you give a f*ck, who do you treat?
Your b*tch wants a photo with me (wants)
Be careful, I'm trap-auditor (what?)
Every motherf*ckin' season, is ours season (like that)
You're unpleasant, you're not my friend (ye, ye, ye, ye)
Discoverer, you're obliged to me, boy, I'm you're creator
All your tricks — fake, Misterio
I'm confident, Missy Elliott is in my stereo (ouu-ouu)
All those children look confusedly
Good girl is hard to find
Like a rapper's punchline
I remember, it was different back then (different)
Seldom played ball with the boys (I)
Hustling from cars, from centre to Stachek
I wasn't a good boy, built towers from racks (cash)
Left all the motherf*ckers on roadside (out of game)
On me Rolex, your watches made from sand (gang)
Hit your motherf*cking face with lines, they are juicy (tu-tu)
Money long, all my pockets now are lasting (shish)
Ayy, b*tch (ayy), I'm Hoodrich Official (ouu-ouu)
Now I see what I thought I'll never see
And we are higher and higher, I'm so glad that I went out (m-m)
Now I go to the Dior shop in Paris (flex)
You are dissolved, you are not having navigation
Those as*h*les aren't in my location
Not enough reaction, there is no grace in the movements
Make investments, buying shares (ouu-ouu)

Those downs play the ape in TikTok
I dance Crip Walk, I need that big Glock
Owed so you're in trouble, as*h*le, I'm tip- top
She wants lip-loc, knows that there's a big boss (yeah-yeah)
A lot of things to do, it's rap-coup (ouu-ouu)
The best restaurant, hundred euros of entrecote
Suddenly the opposite, strong uppercut
I love all these brands, because I wear it well

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