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"Ozuna - Amor Genuino (English Translation)"

(Oh-oh; Hydro; Ozuna; oh-oh)

Have courage to say (Courage to say)
That you don't want to be with me
If trying is not the plan (Trying is not the plan)
Then I've already lost you
I'll miss your kisses
I know that each one was genuine (Oh, oh; they were genuine)
My love was real
But in the end I always ruin it (I always ruin it)
I can't stop you
But if you leave, take me with you (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
The least I would like
Is for our paths to split (Our paths)

I don't get it any way I try
Without wanting, a thought of you always comes (Oh; ey, ey)
I love you and I don't want to live alone
My love, I just ask aloud that you have mercy (Woh; ey, ey-ey)

Ozuna (Ey)
Mercy, because my love for you will never go away (Never go)
I don't know what is happening or why the loneliness won't go away (Loneliness)
I know that someday she will come back (Ah, ah)
But whoever loves once, doesn't love again
I wanna be with you, you got me desperate (Oh, oh)
When I go to the streets, I remember everything (Yeah-eah-eah)
I haven't forgotten that moment where I had you by my side
If you were born again, I would have wanted to find you
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