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"Traditional - Korobeiniki"

Oh, my crate is so full
I've got calico and brocade
Take pity, oh sweety
Of this lad's shoulder

I will, I will go out into the tall rye
I will wait there till the night comes
Once I see the dark-eyed lass
I will showcase all my goods

I paid no small price myself
So don't bargain or be stingy
Bring your scarlet lips to me
Sit closer to this fine lad

The foggy night has already come
The daring lad is awaiting
Hark, it's her! The desired one has come
The merchant is selling his goods

Katya is haggling with care
She is afraid to pay too much
A lad is kissing his lass
Asking her to raise the price

Only the deep night knows
What they agreed upon
Straighten up now, oh tall rye
And keep their secret scrupulously!

Oh, my crate is so light;
The strap is no longer cutting into my shoulders!
And all my lass took
Was one turquoise ring

I had given her a whole piece of calico
A scarlet ribbon for her braids
A little belt — for the white shirt
To strap while haymaking

The sweet one put everything
Back into the box, but for the ring:
"I do not want to go around dressed up
Without a fiancé!"

Oh, you foolish young maidens!
Did she herself not bring
The half-flask of sweet vodka?
And she did not take the gifts!

So stay right here! An unbreakable
Promise I give:
Once I empty the crate
I'll return home for Pokrov
And you, my Sweetheart
To God's church I will lead!

Up until the rainy evening
The fine lad runs
And catches up to a grumbling comrade
In the village

Old Tihonych swears:
"I really thought you were gone!"
Vanka only smirks-
I was selling the calico!

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