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"Genetikk - Nicht Fürs Radio (English Translation)"

Outta this world
Wake up!
Yes Sir!

That's not for the radio, I'll bring this to the stadium
I have no choice, so I'll do it all over again
We do not hunt hits, we hunt history
I snap my fingers and put “rock am ring” in hysteria
I am not an MC, I am MCas
There's no one like us, ups, I did it again - Britney Spears
Whoever has to hear this, hears, that goes out to everyone
I f*ck through the scene like a b*tch and the fans will thank me later
What did you think? Homie, wake up!
Kappa, I'll make German rap rough again
And if it does not work, then I will sell drugs again
Understand that, you have no power over me, nope
"I do not understand Genetikk, they contradict themselves
I'm sorry, but I do not understand the message
I rather listen to playlists, I like that more
Because then I, a freak, can swim with the mass
I only see the world filtered through Instagram
Make people like me only for the Likes is my business plan
Bot or not, I do not care, where is the difference?
She feeds me and I feed the industry
Oh, I have gold, oh, I have views
I wear designer, but I do not have style
I love glitter like a little b*tch
I am using words like "drip" or "lit"
I have the money, but I'm so lost
I f*ck with the groupies, but find no love
Live in the bubble and look for the footballer
That no one else has used in a song yet
I buy features and pray that they post me too
I'm not ashamed of anything
I wear Nike in the video, because Iget it for free
I always say the same, because unfortunately I have nothing to say"
Shut up, now the facts rap!
You make pop music and we do rap
You used to be rapper and now you are just trash
I'm just the mirror, you are the ones who are ugly
I also mean those who think I do not mean them!
Is that my swag in your face?
You say no one understands Genetikk?
Show me a genius that everyone understands!
The same Rolis, Producer and Flows
Do not even know who's who, only I'm the GOAT
On Fridays, I enjoy the show with popcorn
Is this parody or do you mean it like that?
Whenever it rains, rappers have to think of me
It's getting dark, hear the thunder and I sense their fear
I'm so far ahead of my time when they freeze me and in a hundred years release me again, I will still be the number one
I do not air on the radio, so I simply established a radio station
And air 24/7 live "OUTTA THIS WORLD"
For those who wonder, if there are more of us out there
Okay, here we are, I do not stop until each of you hears me
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