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"Eve - raison d’etre (English Translation)"

[Verse 1]
To this feeling, I say "Stop", this is just inconsistent
If, in the high-speed, I start, even so
I can never ever catch up, mayday
Getting tired of pretending to be tough
Still not making complaints, still not making complaints
By measuring profit and loss, got thrown away
I go through with putting on another masquerade
Like I have no existence, no one understands me
Arguing based on emotion gets on and soon falls down

Anyway, when you awaken to your dream
What will you see in your eyes?

Crossing beyond the worst days to become the very best
What's wrong? 'Cause I can't dream for the future anymore
I'm waiting for the certain moment to come
Standing in a vague scenery towards the way beyond the limit
If I can't waste even these feelings in my heart
Mix them up, mix them up till I can be born again
And keep having this endless dream

[Verse 2]
Only by going against, or by getting aversion
Not only by impatience, I don't want to show it as it is
Laughing foolishly again today
Still not making complaints, still not making complaints
Even self-suggestion to behave like a sophist
There's no need to stick to the truth anymore
Feeling I may betray you today, I don't have any words to say
Repeating "Never do it again" gets on and soon falls down
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