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"CL - +ONE AND ONLY180228+ (English Translation)"

From what I can remember
I was left alone in this world
Hiding deep within your arms
I didn’t wanna know
Opening your eyes with her every day
Sometimes closing them with me
Collection of never-ending issues
The problem begins and ends with you

As long as I start
As long as I move
Dancing like myself
As long as I breathe
As long as I speak
Singing like myself

I have everything I want I did everything I wanted
I’ve met everyone I desired to
I don’t expect anything from you I hope you enjoy your life
But there is no one like me, even if you circle the globe
No one like me

I wasn’t so innocent
Only for you I stayed honest
That’s how much I cared for you
Yet life goes on without you
Karma on her way to you
Bet you’ll learn now I’m tellin’ you
Goodbye is a beautiful trauma
In the end I invited the drama so
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