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"EVERGLOW - SALUTE (English Translation)"

[Intro: All]
To my ladies
Hey, we will rock your world
Are you ready?
To my ladies
Pay attention to us and this rhythm

[Verse 1: E:U]
Attention, you looking at me
Skip the stereotyped prejudice
It's complicated 'cause everything's brainy
Just follow me and come on
Ding-a-ding-a-ding ya

[Verse 2: Mia, Aisha]
Do you have anything to shrink from?
Anything to be louder than just boring noise?
Turn up the volume in your heart, girl
I like the look of you dreaming beyond that wall

[Pre-Chorus: Mia, Onda]
I was bound in the world to destroy you
Don't even notice me
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