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"Angela Aki - “Will You Dance” (English Translation)"

[Verse 1]
The stoplight changes to green
At this moment when the direction of the wind changes
This heart that has frozen in love and lies begins to melt
The demons inside have all left

[Verse 2]
The heavy wounds of my past
And my greed and ambitions
Have been in the way of my love for you
For the first time, I now look into your eyes

Will you dance, will you dance?
Within the morning light, take the hand of chance
And let’s dance together
Will you dance, will you dance?
There is no one else but you
Please don’t let go of this hand you now hold
Because people can change, yeah

[Instrumental Break]

[Verse 3]
My soul is shaken
And my heart now opens its eyes
As this fate I call “you” smiles at me
Will you dance, will you dance?
Because anyone can change
Will you dance, will you dance?
Take a chance on romance, and a big surprise

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