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"ICO - Dédicace (English Translation)"

Before I begin, I would like to make a dedication, eh, yeah
To all the girls whom I *beep*
I'm sorry, I'll surely forget some
You ready? (You ready?)

[Only Verse]
And there's Emma, Jade, Louise, Alice, Chloé, Lina, Léa, Rose
Anna, Marwa, Inès, Laura, Myriam, Mia, Aya, Manon
Julia, Lou, Camille, Zoé, Lola, Farah, Lucie
Eva, Nina, Romane, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah and then Sarah
Multiple Sarahs, hey
There's multiple Sarahs: the mother and the daughter
I even stayed two months with Stéphanie
And there's Samantha whom I took to McDo
Then there's Jessica, whom I confuse with Mélanie
I'm imagining your faces when you'll listen to this song
There's also that girl who was driving a Volvo
I don't remember her name anymore, I think it was Margot
Or maybe Audrey, wallah, I don't know anymore
Then there are the twins whom I brought to the hotel
One of them was a fan of PSG
While she was *beep* me, I shouted "Go, OM"
I won't tell you what followed, mate, I'm too lazy
I'll snitch on you all, like 6ix9ine in court
And there's Caroline, her brother was sleeping upstairs
Then he surprised us and I went on the run
He caught up with me and f*cked me up good
There's also Charlène, Sofia, Claire and Solange
I won't forget Lisa in the back of the Golf 4, hey
There's also Tess, Lara, Ellie, Corinne
I won't forget Maëlle, Liana, Yann and Kader (oops)

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