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"YSY A - #Ysya2020 Vol. 1 - Una de Dos (English Translation)"

How nice that combine out there
How nice that combine out there

[Verse 1]
How nice the autumn leaves out there combine with that brown hair, my love
I see you walking down the sidewalk with these mask and I want to take them off
That big mouth that you have that give kisses with so much flavor
It makes me want to lock up with you and forget us about the quarantine
With you rinse our memory, if it's for me baby, let's bath
I don't want to infect us, I want us to loosen the pressure
Without calling anyone's attention
After so long without seeing each other, we are going to do what the body asked us
One, one, one, one of two
One of two, and there are not two without three and she in four in all
The wet numbers go so up that the accountant brought me a towel
And trying to dry myself I threw another glass of wine on the computer
Oh, God
I arrive at 11:11 if I said at 10 because there are always delays
Like my brother Julián, a blackberry addiction
I put the sweets on the table and everyone comes to eat

I put the-, I put the sweets on the table
My phrase printed on your shirt
My flow raising a company
I put the-, I put the sweets on the table
Gym inside my head
Lifting bars and weights
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