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"Ant Wan - Mamacita (English Translation)"

I just say, "Hey, mamacita"
She can make a mute start screaming
Let me put my hands on your waist
I want you all night by my side
I just say, "Hey, mamacita"
You can make a G start suffering
If we are poor together, we are rich
She can make a heart break

[Verse 1]
She says, "When you are in me, the world, it turns around"
I said, "Just don't fall in love with me, I’m not that type
We could have something unique, me and you are not like them
We could travel around the world, this could be our song "
Live the good life, drink good wine
Two guns in my car, ayy, this is hood life
High lifestyle, I give you my time
Came from a bad place, might do a drive-by

She can bring me to the dead and back
We don't care if the entire world hates
We stay silent and let our action speak
We could pullup and make AKs shake
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