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"Chillwagon - Squo [English Translation]"

[Verse 1:Buszu]
Majkel is the name, Buszu is the surname, don't give a f*ck what others think
I'm wearing a tracksuit and shoes with an ice-skate, because it sometimes gets slippery here
I'm making a Candy, slowly taking it
I'm making more than I can ever eat (squad!)
But this isn't your f*cking business (squad, squad!)
I get in the whip, get the pipe ready, then do a burnout
Over there at the garages, I'm puffing a cloud
Because I feel better when I don't understand anything
An-answеring a phone, you ask what I'm doing, I'm glazing
Gluing a tile to a tile, f*ck what that c*nt is saying

[Verse 2:Borixon]
And Borygo comеs in, Chilwagon, Chillwagon, a live broadcast
You f*cking watch us how we collect the hay
Me and my brother, Stefan Valentini
My Amigo! I'm driving in Tuscany like Kizo
And although this isn't a cinema, I don't give a f*ck
And I send the power of regards here, to the real viewers (squad)

[Verse 3: Qry]
I'm not doped on that cocaine, a woman p*ssed me off, I kicked her out
Like a real rapper, today I'm driving to that block
You talk sh*t, I've had enough of you
I sorted my self out when I was nineteen
In a few years, lad, I'll build a house
If you will want to come to the pool
10K for an hour and I'll see you (f*ck,squo!)
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