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"DANCERACHA - Wow (English Translation)"

Got me trippin' like

[Verse 1]
Silence, silence, the moment I see you there’s nothing but silence
Everything around me but you just fades out
Confused, confused, it's so hard for me to speak to you first
Because you're so different from what I knew
Time flies by without me even knowin’
Looking at your photos on the net, you're glowin'
Makes me wonder if you're really who I think, something's different
Just wanna get along with you
You took a complete 180
Don't need to filter your flaws
I wanna catch up to where we left off
Let's be friends, you and I

You're different from when we first met, I’m curious of you
The mood you give off completely changed, I’m curious of you
I can't understand how I feel, mysterious of you
With the gaze you give me, let me say wow

(Got me trippin’ like)
Wow, wow, completely changed your vibe
(Got me trippin' like)
Wow, wow, wow I wanna be on your mind
(Got me trippin' like)
Wow, wow, so I can approach you
I want to know how you feel, bang bang
(Got me trippin' like)
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