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"Ozuna - Odisea (English Translation)"

Hmm no
No one knows what I've been through in this life
And I wonder every day

What will become of me?
If tomorrow I don't wake up
And God sends someone to look out for me
I would like to say goodbye before
But, what will become of me?
Who will take care of my family?
In this world of betrayal
Everything has been an odyssey
Tell me, what will become of me?

[Verse 1]
I was born in a circle of poverty
Everything was happy, staying happy was the skill
Grandma raised me, daddy died
Mommy was always with me
I swear I never needеd anything
I fit in with the 2000's era
Fan of music, talent dеfines me
Listening to great colleagues
Grandma said ''Son, you were born with skill"
In 2010, the street was my university
Learning about the bad, seeing falsity, evil
Observing how friends killed each other, snitched on each other
I wondered-
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