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"Bad Bunny, Nesi & Ivy Queen - Yo Perreo Sola (Remix) (English Translation)"

[Pre-Chorus: Nesi]
You used to ignore me (You used to ignore me)
Now I ignore you (Hmm, nah)
Before you didn't want to (You didn't want to)
Now I don't want to (Hmm, no)
You used to ignore me (Me)
Now I ignore you (Haha)
Before you didn't want to (Ayy)
Now I don't want to
No, chill

[Chorus: Nesi & Ivy Queen]
I twerk alone (Hmm, ayy)
I twerk alone (I twerk alone; haha; hmm-hmm)
I twerk alone (Haha, hmm; ey)
I twerk alone (I twerk alone)
(Ayy, ayy, La Queen)

[Verse 1: Ivy Queen & Bad Bunny]
That no pervert approach me (Rrra)
The club gets lit when I arrive
I have my men as a hobby (La Queen)
She is spoiled like Nairobi (Haha)
And you see me drinking from thе bottle
Lighting up the streets, I feel cute (Ah)
Lots of dumb guys comе to me with problems (Rra)
I'm incredulous towards all of them
She's been single before it was a trend (Ayy)
She doesn't believe in love since "Amorfoda" (No)
The DJ plays songs, I enjoy them all
I climb on the table and I don't give a f*ck (Rra)
When she twerks she doesn't stop
She smokes and gets horny
She'll call you if she needs you
But for now she's single (Yes, fire)
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