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"Białas - Morfina ft Bedoes [English Translation]"

[Intro: Bialas]
I haven't sniffed and I didn't drink for 6 months
I beg you, teen, don't ever get addicted
Don't experiment with stimulants
You don't know what I've got in my head, what kind of states I have to f*cking endure
Alright let's start

[Verse 1: Białas]
I have panic attacks like Tony Soprano
I always think about family, usually, I don't have time for one
I'm talking with my mum on the phone, "What's going on in Teresin"
Someone asks her about me again, I'm like Meek Mill over there
Although for a lot of people I'm also a moron from a bench
Who either insulted them or frowned at them
A few girls will probably add, that I'm a monster
I apologize to you girls, today I know that it was sick

I hope, that you already have loving men
Ones that will not make my mistakes
I found love and focused on luck
Running kids, that's what's in my neighborhood

[Chorus: Białas]
It's not about losers that prey on their parents, no (no, no)
They went to private schools, we went to the school of street
I don't play any roles, apart from the main one of my life (no)
Even Morphine wouldn't work for our pain
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