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"Ceg - First Class (English Translation)"

Duman on the track

[Verse 1]
I- I - I am dangerous , B-be panic (Wooh)
An anaconda or python (Hissss)
I became fan of adrenaline
Jack the Ripper, He is an icon
Call me king or a lord
Dude, cannabinoid in my blood
Lara Croft, Darling is a golddiger, Anna Nicole (Wooh)
I smoked a cannabis
They said:"Imprisonment up to 10 years"
f*ck! Polices on me
This night, this night we are high (Take him take take take!)
Extreme risk, thought healthfully and analyze, I don't think and i do
I dissed my dad even in my happiest song (hahaha)
They are sayin' go straight, settle down
And one day, if the ice melts
And one day, if i have to shut up
Spewing grudges to it, was amazing (I'll never regret)
An expert who is a master at his job, I sell my job
Like cocaine; My name is El-Chapo, Joaquín Guzmán (wooh, wooh)
(Money-Money) It was the money that make them pit one's wits against someone
(Mmm...) I went into a trance again, I'm locked
(Sssh ssh) When I am working (Shut up) leave me alone or I'll be angry
I am online in studio (b*tch!)
So I dont give a f*ck to Insta
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