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From the moment you were born he held you in his arms
Observing you, the world stopped around him
He saw the picture of innocence in you
The dark hand in our world still hadn't reached you
And you started growing and so did his love for you
Day by day he sees himself in you
He put you first because
He wanted you to be better than him and anyone else

[Verse 1]
He wanted you to be better than him and anyone else
When you werе little and stirring up trouble
He’d look at your mom and you'd turn his gazе back to you
And if you were bored with no one to play with
You'd ask him to play and he would turn into a child
On your first day of nursery, you held onto him and he had trouble letting go
Because he was even more terrified than you were
To the point where he was ready to go back and get you
With you, he thinks with his heart and not his head
You were influenced in high school by some of your friends
You were embarrassed of him dropping you off and picking you up
He understood you were getting older and let you go alone
He observed from afar to make sure you were responsible
He didn’t like nagging you to study
But he wanted the coming years to be easier on you
And when you were disappointed you didn't get into your dream school
He held you in his arms and said it's not the end of the world
[Verse 2]
You got older and you changed and grew apart from him
There was a gap between you and it kept getting bigger
You stopped listening to him, not even out of courtesy
His jokes weren't funny and his stories became unappealing
But that's not his fault
It's his age and his experience
He did every thing he could to try to be your friend
He even tried to listen in on people your age
Just to know what to talk to you about and what you would find interesting
The first time you got a suitor he got scared
He thought this day was still far away
He felt like the house and his life would be empty without you
He still saw you as a kid he wanted to stay
He got jealous and came up with reasons and excuses
He only agreed when he saw that you were in love
He wants what's best for you even if you can't tell
No one has ever worried about you as much as him

[Verse 3]
Only a month left until your wedding day
Still a lot of expenses and a loan’s the only way
He covered the rest and didn’t spare you anything
He put you first and said he'll figure it out later
And life took its course
After marriage you got even busier
And only went to see your parents every once in a while
And instead of asking why you don’t visit more often
He says if you need anything, he's there by your side
The circ*mstances forced you to travel
Life wasn't easy, you were struggling to get by
Your mother passed and he was patient, on his own
When you came back years later, he'd gotten older
He’d really gotten older, he was forgetful and needed someone
To remind him to take his medication
He saw how sad you were, regretting to have left him
He laughed and said look ow handsome your dad got with age
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