2K24 lyrics


RMC Mike

(f*ck the fire, we got grease)
Haha, b*tch
Mike, they can't f*ck with you and I put that on my mama, stupid
(His name's Pablo)

b*tch, yeah, the devil working
b*tch, you can rap and scam, but you look better twerking
I just made a fresh twenty, it's 11:30
Any n*gga speaking on my name I'm doin' extra dirty
I can teach you how to win, you n*ggas wrongdoing it
I stream better than that guy and my songs prove it
Actin' like they love you, when you leave, they got a lot to say
But I'ma get this sh*t by any means, stayin' out they face
I'm the G.O.A.T. and n*ggas know it
I'm really up some dog sh*t and I can show it
I just been bein' a little bit too humble, I'm finna ho n*ggas
And since you put it in the air, it's on the floor with it, n*gga
I'm a man with my gun and without it, n*gga
And if you take it to that place, I been had shot a n*gga
You the type to tell it to that people, let the copper get it
I'm standin' on anything, f*ck an opposition
I keep it real with everybody, n*gga, ask around
My name been good way before I put that package down
I'm tired of all you fake n*ggas, you just fanned out
Won't catch me slipping, sh*t, I live my life planned out
But I'ma play it like a boss, n*gga
Light two hundred hanging 'round my neck, all VOSS, n*gga, water
I got a mouth, so I'ma talk, n*gga
I ain't got time to be trippin' on no loss, n*gga
Hey, since they say ballin' a crime, I'ma keep doin' it
They become a problem in your life, you gotta remove it
sh*t, I been addin' to my strikes and I'ma keep doing it
When they let my brother free, you n*ggas keep moving
I don't really like to speak, but I can say somethin'
Don't put me in that predicament, I bet I shake somethin'
Mike Amiri jeans 'bout a thousand, belt eight hundred
I gotta show 'em how to rack, 'cause n*ggas ain't hustling
SDot just hit my line with all 'za pack
I recoup everything I do, f*ck a contract
Brodie, why he stand like that? He need his spine cracked
I tried to be the nice guy, but it's beyond that
Okay, I'ma get it anyway, sh*t, I ain't trippin', n*gga
I be hittin' hoes once, then I leave, I ain't pimpin', n*gga
n*ggas actin' suspect, I ain't the victim, n*gga
Real-ass ghetto boy how they present a n*gga
sh*t, everything that happened made me, I don't regret it, n*gga
We can go rack for rack, you wanna bet it, n*gga
When I sold dope, I did it raw, I didn't stretch it, n*gga
I can't lie, I ain't got no time for no extra n*ggas
We gon' ball on them n*ggas every chance we get
Turn the pressure up on n*ggas, got him saying, "I quit"
n*ggas playing with that little word, just saying the sh*t
I just keep this sh*t genuine like the pants you get
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