Lead With The Past lyrics


RMC Mike

Yeah, b*tch!
Ghetto boy sh*t, n*gga

Backwood need to sponsor me
I hang with a bunch of goblins, we Monster Inc
I just made a check with a apostrophe
You tryna save, I could blow a 10, it's not hard to me
b*tch gave that pus*y up-
b*tch gave that pus*y up for free, she not charging me
Dope came softer than a b*tch, but it's the hard for me
I tried to leave Flint a thousand times, it's just a part of me
b*tch, 'cause I love my city
You boys broke, you ain't never counted up a dub and fit
Went to Neiman Marc', ain't swipin' hard, I love my giffys
Everyday I drink a pint of wok like I don't love my kidneys
I tried to leave the block alone, they keep callin' me
Told bae I popped the inbox, ain't gettin' all of me
Hulk said he got 500, he need to ball for me
Last night I f*cked three different b*tches, put 'em all to sleep
Damn, I'm the goat, these b*tches love me, too
Teach a n*gga how to run the game, I'm not a substitute
Drop a pint in a small pop, that's drug abuse
Shoutout to them west-coast b*tches, 'cause I done drug a few
Flint n*ggas tapped in with the D, we all love the juice
Ghetto boys, we really bump that sh*t, we all love to shoot
f*ck around and have to whack a b*tch, that's what love will do
n*gga braggin' 'bout that 100K, sh*t, I done touched a few
I spent that on some drank or somethin'
I already got her wanna f*ck, you can't make me want it
Masked up with my Glock forty, finna take me somethin'
Hit a hunnid grams with some sh*t, finna make me somethin'
Can't find my f*ckin' 308, I'm finna K me somethin'
Got my eye on that play per tech, it cost eighty-somethin'
When we drop Dumb & Dumb3r 3 they gon' hate this summer
Yo mama need to kick you out the crib, you a lazy nothin'
f*ck bein' broke, I rather speed to a bag
Run around with somethin' you'd only see in a stash
n*gga play me out cold, I put some heat on his ass
Bro bored, I can't pop, I poured a three and a half
The whole team broke, it's like ya'll don't believe in the bag
I had to write my plans down and I'm achieving them fast
Certain situations, n*ggas had to leave in the past
b*tch, I'm good with the rock, look how I lead with the past
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