A Million Off Fentanyl lyrics


RMC Mike

(f*ck the fire, we got grease)
(It's a Wayne beat)
Alright, look
She the coldest in the city, want me to pay for it
Huh, we ain't doin' that, though
You gotta realize
You f*ckin' with a real n*gga
Huh, look

[Verse 1]
She the coldest in the city, want me to pay for it
Told her I'ma still grind like a skateboard
If your brother fell down, would you wait for him?
sh*t, I would, I'll sacrifice my life for him
My heart cold, I could survive in an ice storm
He ain't got the money for the feat', give me a pipe for it
I take my gun everywhere, I got the rights for it
Say you got the plug on the 'bows, what the price for it?
He want twenty-two five, so I bought 'em all
What I spent in Saks Fifth, could've bought the mall
My youngins down in DC f*ckin' with the frauds
My uncle still in the 6 f*ckin' with the dogs
A lot of n*ggas in that can, yeah, I miss 'em all
Take it back to 2010, I would've killed 'em all
I bet I strike the batter out quick when I pitch the ball
I know a n*gga right now made an M off of fentanyl
That's no cap, n*gga
It don't matter what you do, n*gga, it's a thousand hustles out here, n*gga
You gotta get out here and get you one, n*gga
Grind, n*gga
Get you some motherf*ckin' money out this b*tch
That's what I'ma do, n*gga, Ghetto Boyz sh*t, n*gga
Hah, yeah

[Verse 2]
Right now, my name hotter than some fish grease
I need a b*tch with good pus*y and some big feet
Stomp a n*gga head in the club, we was six deep
b*tch text my phone that she pregnant, is you sh*ttin' me?
We ain't doin' that, sent that b*tch to Flushing Road
You wouldn't believe I had to do that to a couple hoes
I was gettin' them b*tches gone quick and didn't touch the 'bows
Made a hundred racks right in Flint, we ain't touch the road
sh*t, I was too high to f*ck the b*tch, I didn't touch the ho
We in the D, I need a corned beef on an onion roll
The pandemic gone, you back broke, where your money go?
The situation got a lil' sticky, no honeycomb
I was into servin' grams, you was into robbin'
I had to get it out the mud, you got sent to college
Ridin' 'round with six guns tryna get it poppin'
Now I'm gettin' it off the rap, had to flip the option
n*gga flexin' with his money, watch me flip his pocket
Compact XD four-five, this a different rocket
Stuffin' dog sh*t in my jeans, I done ripped the pocket
You cannot get plugged over here, this a different socket
Okay, let me keep goin'
I'm f*cked up, walked in the bank with my heat showin'
b*tch ugly, so I peed on her
My new b*tch pus*y good, so I beat on her
I had to boss the b*tch up, I threw a slee— alright
I had to boss the b*tch up, I threw a sleeve on her
I knew she sucked di*k good, look at the knees on her
She make the pus*y squirt, huh? I threw a C on her
That's Chanel, b*tch
I'm in the kennel with that dog like I sell pits
They say the road got hot as hell, so I mailed it
I'll knock a b*tch son out like I'm Melvin
I'm in Boston servin' green sh*t like a Celtic
Huh, pus*y— hah, yeah, b*tch tried to put her pus*y in my face and I smelled fish
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