Numbers 2 lyrics


RMC Mike

[Verse 1: RMC Mike]
Lets set the record straight im that one n*gga
Two Glocks wit me right now im having fun wit em
Drunk a 3 of red getting head yo b*tch a c*m sipper
4 bands for this AR pistol with the drum in it
Ri let me see your [?] write a song wit it
5 bands for [?] this hit lungs different
Had a sixsome with some hoes they a set of triplets
Lil bro a trip with that K [?]

[Verse 2: Rio Da Yung OG]
You got 7 lines of what? n*gga let me get it
You dropped a [?] of wock told him let me mix it
You ain't drunk more Ack than me n*gga lets be serious
f*ck around and drunk more 08 when he left me with it
I got a nine with 10 clips sh*t lets go to war
Mike dropped 11 lines of something that opened our [?]
I am not a gentleman, I dont open doors
Last night I bought a 12 of red I ain't have nun this morning

[Verse 3: RMC Mike]
Cuz payed 13 for some bricks [?]
[?] bought some jeans, they ain't come and he punched me for it
Bro caught 14 bodies out the company porsche
Got a Glock from a homeless man, gave him lunch meat for it
I need 15 a G or you can't get high
Rio poured up 16 lines almost made me die
17 hoes in my crib guess its ladies night
I only dropped 18 [?] and he payed me twice
[Verse 4: Rio Da Yung OG]
I was finna shoot him in his sh*t Mike saved his life
He took his Glock-19 from me and made me fight
And the n*gga had a heat
I know crazy right?
Still beat his ass for 20 minutes and made him cry
Pull up to my crib on bullsh*t you getting shot for coming
f*cked a b*tch, she nutted too quick and got shot for coming
Glock-21 on my hip, im not gon tussle
Bought another Glock-22 with an Andre Drummond

[Verse 5: RMC Mike]
You can give me 23 for a pound of fluffy
Bro bussed a brick of dog down and found a puppy
You up 24 hunnid like thats alot of money
25 thousand all blues look like alot of nothing

[Verse 6: Rio Da Yung OG]
I ain't know the 26 takes drums boy I gotta stuff it
Glock 27 same size but the rounds are 40
b*tch 28 and she childish she is not a woman
b*tch called 29 times I spint around in circles
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