[Intro - C05]
Told her I'm a loverboy

[Chorus - C05]
She told me I'm a hearteater (yuh)
Told her I'm a loverboy (loverboy)
She said she don't wanna know (wanna know)
Why I'm feelin' so insecure (insecure)
Heart eater (yuh)
Told her I'm a loverboy (loverboy)
She said she don't wanna know (wanna know)
Why I'm feelin' so insecure (insecure)

[Verse - Andy Threm]
Love won't last
But I won't go to the past
I see her face in the sky
When I open my eyes
Seasons change and
I woke up with your heart on my mind
(woke up with your heart on my mind)
Hoping you'd care sometime

This is awful
I try righting my wrongs
But it just goes to the songs
And when she told me
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