Ruka Supremacy lyrics



Daisuki Bklyn.Ghoul-Senpai~!
ItzNiL on the beat

[Chorus: Bklyn.Ghoul]
Ruka supremacy, that's all it will ever be
Beatin' my meat to some hentai that's heavenly
This is the recipe for feelin' the ecstasy
Like Rick and Morty, I'm clickin' that chemistry
On Hanime, I be nuttin' a lot
To anime b*tches I want on my c*ck
Lookin' up Ruka on Rule34
So I can start nuttin' all over the floor (Eh, hentai!)

[Verse 1: Bklyn.Ghoul]
Look at her thighs, they be so divine
My di*k in her spine, 'cause her [?] are mine
Holy sh*t, I just snapped, are you hearing me rap?
Just give me a sec, and I need to sit back
*fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap*
Shut the f*ck up I am tryin' to fap
After I nut, I'll go take a nap
Since Ruka's my waifu, I give her headpats (wow)
Give her headpats, 'cause she love it a lot
Sometimes I watch hentai only for the plot
I be so down bad, 'cause I never get topped
Pictures of Ruka, all on my laptop
Yeah, she a baddie that be hella sassy
And she got the thicc thighs that be makin' me happy
You know I be simpin' for them anime b*tches
Worshiping Ruka should be a religion
How are you doing today?
Can't f*ck with a girl who be doing cocaine
I rather be single and watch anime
Or sellin' my semen all over eBay ('EY)
They makin' these laughs, 'cause I can't get a b*tch
But anime tiddies got me feelin' so lit
Call me YungLex 'cause it is what it is

[Verse 2: YungLex]
I love you Lex-Senpai~
It is what it is, she swallow my kids
Watch hentai, 'cause I can't get a b*tch
Live in a harem, so I don't gotta pick
Anime hoes, all on my di*k ('EY)
Ruka the best
Nice oppai, I'ma touch on her breast
Hey Mommy-chan, I'ma stab her in the chest
Rent-a-Girlfriend, gets rid of the stress (Nya~)
I like when she say (Hentai!)
Ruka sit on me with your thick thighs
She my kouhai, she call me senpai
Ruka for you, I would even die
Call me Kazuma, 'cause I got the luck
NTR tag, I'm a big cuck
Got Ruka bathwater all in my cup
"I have a girlfriend", but then I woke up
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