Jay Electronica

"Unknown Track #4"

Yeah we back, uhuh
Jay Electronica baby
Rap son of man

[Verse 1: Jay Electronica]
I worked too hard to get it
Whether its 16 bars
Or ayah and surahs and spit it
Delivering more goals like Riddi*k
Spit the acidic acidic through your fitted
This unorthodoxy, got me
Knocking wack rappers outta the box like Rocky
This flow's approximately half mile by half mile
Hovering over your wack sytles
Phenomenal astronomical
I discovered this style a long time ago
These corny emcees God, we running em
They picking and rolling we hard warning em
Through the shirt behind the back bop the last beat
Damn, my man’s awfully nasty
Put pressure on they backs like Bush
And when is time to stack (?) we push
Let's get it crackin

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