Egg Nog lyrics



Ho OK, so this ain't my normal type of sh*t, but merry Christmas Ho Ho
Jzwag x Void featuring King
Let's go

[Verse 1: Jzwag]
It's Christmas time and it's about to get funky
Mrs. Claus face is about to get spunky
Listen to me on the beat, got King of the feat
I'm gonna put Christmas in a spliff then hit the delete
Wrote my lyrics in a book, one attempt is all I took
Santa Claus you fat crook, Rudolph prick better be shook
I'mma teach you how to wrap your presents all your elves small green presents
Though you brought me on my presents but then I found out it was my parents
f*ck You, Santa
f*ck You, Santa
I hate Christmas call me the Grinch call me a prick likе I'm Jeremy Lynch
Dropping merch еverywhere like I'm Void, drop Rudolph to the floor like Floyd
One every year these dears get deployed, if I was them, I'd get bare annoyed
I hit Mrs. Claus up on OnlyFans, looks like Santa and her only man's
Like in med bay that slag needs scans, Void's channel is where it all began
That was the start of my great big plan, now I'm here and I just shagged Santa's man

[Bridge: Jzwag]
Congratulations to my guy King who won the Internet's best diss tracks
King on the feature, let's go
[Verse 2: King]
It's Christmas time, favorite time of the year, made it to the naughty list because I shot Santa's dear
It's Christmas time, favorite time of the year, made it to the naughty list because I shot Santa's dear
Mrs. Claus giving me head until I pop, Internet's best diss track I made it to the top
I can't be stopped, so call me Jirin all I want for Christmas is a Chiron
Walked out of Taco Bell because it started snowing, time to jingle the bells because it's December, opened my gifts, I got a Mac-11
If I catch the Grinch, I'mma send him to heaven

[Verse 3: Jzwag]
f*ck You, Santa
f*ck You, Santa
I hate Christmas, call me a b*tch, I left Santa in a ditch
Mrs. Claus, f*cking b*tch, if she runs, f*cking Stitch
Rudolph needs that magic dust, Santa leaves his pizza crust, me on the naughty list, I cannot trust
For my first song, I didn't do bad, even made Santa a little mad
For Christmas, I'mma get a lily pad, Santa just f*cked his granddad

[Bridge: Jzwag]
Now, ladies and gentlemen, it is the time you've all been waiting for (Yo what's up man)
Void's verse (Naw man, don't hype me up, it's gonna be us)
That's one way to say the song

[Verse 4: Void]
Look, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (OK)
Had a very shiny nose (shiny nose)
Where the f*ck is your hairline, boy (where at)
Ain't nobody f*cking knows
OK, Jingle Bells, what the hell, uh uh that's nasty, yo ass smells
Yeah Christmas time, yeah feeling so swell, yeah I like the snow, it f*cking fell
On yo b*tch, on yo ice, yeah hit it once and hit it twice
Got a tree in the back, got a tree with the lights, got a girl looking nice on my [?] tryna pipe
Ay, ay, ay ([?])
OK, me, Jz and we hopping on the beat, got King in the back, yeah we flying like a fleet
Yeah cookies with the milk, that's a Santa's treat, yeah a Christmas song on a winter beat
Like damn, on a winter beat, like damn on a winter beat
Like eggnog (What?) eggnog, eggnog, eggnog, eggnog
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