Frank Ocean

"Solo Skit"

That's right. Now tell these motherf*ckers, um, what the house warming party gone feel like. 'Cause I feel like we need it to be about, umm, large picture, wide-frame, panoramic views, and above 78 degrees, 'cause we don't do that cold sh*t. This is for the sun-lit motherf*ckers in the building, this is for the b*tches who like to wear, um, nothing but skin and,-and-and loose fitting things, like a sundress. This is for motherf*ckers who like, uh, sh*t that ain't sepia but that's bronze like a motherf*cking, uh, tan you can't get from a bottle, you broke b*tch. This is for blonde, uh-uh, nature walks and sh*t. This is for that blonded b*tch.

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