Gyal, has me made you official? is what I’m asking
You say you’ve got a man but you’re laughing
I don’t see the two of you lasting
You’re all up in the club and you’re dancing
Whining, arching
I just wanna be the one driving, parking
Gyal you’re fire, arson


Let’s get straight to it
Stop beating round the bush
She said I haven’t shaved
I said I don’t mind beating round the bush
Cheeky cheeky cheeky that’s me
O I hope you’re freaky like me
Phones ringing, o you’re sneaky sneaky
Mi know seh you love mi drip, mi icey
Take man wifey
Two seconds in and I made you smile
Said you’ve got a guy you’ve been seeing for a while
I’m like how?
Soon as I stepped in you’re looking like wow
Ooh I spotted the batty from a mile away
You’ve been preeing me don’t you lie today
You’re nice, and I feel your vibe
And I’m only gonna ask you one more time
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