"Ride or Die"

[Chorus: Lil Berete]
You say that you my ride or die
But I don't even know who to go when love no more
We wasting a lot of time on the roads
I'm just tryna live life, hope the time don't go by slow
And we gone hit the mall, hit the store
I said money ain't a thang
I'm finna spend these dollars all on you
So keep them problems far
I got yungens posted on the boulevard, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Lil Berete]
They say that money talk and I speak that
They know my money kinda tall, tried to reach that
I got some n*ggas in the stall that don't reach back
My hood a different type of war it's on my six pack
And we were trapping out them doors but they kicked that
And we were trapping out them stores never paid the rent
My bro sneezey, anyplace, anywhere, gonna leave you dead
Life ain't easy, can't follow the path my daddy went
Get it how you live it
I got n*ggas incarcerated
Momma, I finally made it
Told my girl let's go vacation
No more cops and reminiscing
I can finally call my sis
Hope all my n*ggas they get rich
These problems still probably exist
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