Confusing Guy

"Pass Da Blunt"

[Intro: Confusing Guy]
Stop moving!, Stop moving!
Yo chill man
You're doing crime!, you're doing crime!
(alright GirlHeFunny gang, confusing guy get confused again once more)

[Verse: Confusing Guy]
Aye my niece was born tomorrow she already getting old (she getting old)
I put the soup inside the toaster cause the ice cream getting cold (it was freezing)
I was standing on my Android so they know I'm on the phone (I'm on the phone)
I gave your grandma wood she gotta spin it like a [?] ( [?] )

No forreal I've seen this white guy with black skin
I'm cheating off my weed in school if not I'm finna flunk (im finna flunk)
How the f*ck I fail my quizzes but my teacher passed the blunt (she passed the blunt)
I hit em with a rock cause he keep calling me a punk (I'm not a punk)

I'm putting on perfume this sh*t smell good just like a skunk (that sh*t smell nasty)
And my girl can't even cook so now we having sex for lunch (she wanna f*ck)
I'm bout to kill the dog, I keep warning him to move
Ima hit him with the sandal since the dog don't wanna shoot (shoot)

And my phone don't got a shirt, but she telling me to collar (how I'm a call her)
My name is rob but you can call me short for Robert (call me Robert)
And my barber looking for some pants I told the guy to stop (you gotta go)
How I see a barbershop inside a barbershop (how the f*ck)

Adolf Hitler with this pistol boy how much this holocaust (that boy a nazi)
My friend is blind I tried to steal but then he caught me (i got caught)
I find out that he german, that's why he can nazi
I'm broke I'm playing tennis but I still don't have no racks (don't got no racks)

I don't have no neice so yall saying that I cap (i don't got no neice)
I think that boy a cop, cause he keep on smoking blacks (that boy a white cop smoking blacks)

[Outro: Confusing Guy]
I think that boy a cop (cause he keep on smoking blacks)
(GirlHeFunny Gang)

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