[Verse 1: Chase Moore]
It's like, who they really f*ckin' with? Seal a hundred zips
They could run in circles
I'll be puffin' purple while I'm jumpin' hurdles
And defyin' odds I'm pinned up against
They quick to jump the fence
Don't really got your back, like f*ck defense
It's cool, I don't want a loss, so I shrug it off
And let the money talk, on my Chris Tucker sh*t
The whole squad feelin' like the X-Men
Hope my head stop spinnin' like Inception
I give 'em misdirection like a twisted ended
So pay intense attention, if you get it, it's a hidden message
See the signs, redefine, then I lead the blind
Break it on the table as you read between the lines
Watch [?] R.I.P
Got the scope, wanna know how far I see like Far Cry 3
Spillin' ashes on a vintage [?] large white T
Finesse the plug and then I charge my fee
Come on

[Verse 2: Lush One]
Eight band come up, just finessed a goofy
Heard he put a hit out, so I'm in bed with my uzi
Runnin' through bricks, bricks, break 'em bad, I'm Bruce Lee
I did it all on my own, no one dead left it to me
Catch a opp sleepin', bet my shooters take him out
And if I smack the sh*t out myself, I'ma make it count
Real ones, we [?], b*tch don't make a sound
[?] all my game from DJ Quik and Safe and Sound
Same Balmains, half a week, no sleep
High miles, supply, tryin' to reach a peak
It's 4, 5, turn 6 packs to a weak physique
So if anybody flexin', better keep a piece
Medusa on the belt, got me feelin' like a stoner
God damn b*tch, she a rider, no one own her
Always been myself so I can't respect a poser
And I never switch, been the same since I was broke

[Verse 3: Illmac]
Focus off a pill, focus on the deals, gettin' broker
Life's a b*tch so I'm told, and that's why I broke her
We everywhere, yeah, well cultured, uh
Hoes are my riders, I'm the chauffeur
Used to shop on East Bay, now I eat some VG in the East Bay
Private jets how I treat planes
In my PJs on the PJ
Used to make my PB&Js with more jelly on the bread
Which is perfect, cause I'm eatin' and they jelly of the bread
Caught a break, probably wish I caught a felony instead
Career criminally underrated, I could never be a fed
And how I get this way is never bein' fed, uh
Scatter brain, spread gun, target out of range
I ain't playin', it's like practice, I'm in the batting cage
They snake emojis, frontin' like the happy face
Notice when the patterns change, phantom flames and gasoline

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