"Dog vs. Cat"

[Intro: Pimpin’ Pigeon (Lush One)]
You already know what it is
It’s your playa partna Pimpin’ Pigeon
Droppin’ on the gang from a bird’s-eye view
Straight up out the dumpster wit’ the worms I swoop - early
We live from the turf! In the back alley behind Sal’s Delicatessen
Ooh, the Rap-Off battle league returns with a polarizing species clash guaran-teed to ruffle the feathers of the entire animal kingdom
These two known beasts in the game need no further introduction
On my left-wing side…

[Dog (Hollow Da Don)]
You know who it is
Fresh out the pound, it’s goin’ down
We don’t get our tails clipped ‘cause we ain’t tellin’ sh*t
It’s the D-D-D-Dog, yeah?

[Pimpin’ Pigeon (Lush One)]
And on the right-wing side, who is yoooouu?

[Cat (Carter Deems)]
All these copycats tryin’ to copy cats
Shout-out Humane Society - go cop a cat
Meow we’re ready

[Pimpin’ Pigeon (Lush One)]
Round 1!

[Round 1: Dog (Hollow Da Don)]
I pet peeve is to have all the hoes pettin’ me
That’s why I’m at the top of the food chain - I’m sure this pet agree (Damn!)
You probably went to obedience school and got a pet degree, pus*y! (Whoa! Damn!)
What’s ya life like, seein’ a car roll over your homie Rover?
What’s ya life like, owner throwin’ you chicken bones and it’s f*ckin’ ya throat up!? (Damn!)
What’s ya life like!?
Cat, you’re literally trash
This a walk in the park - I got this sh*t in the bag!

[Round 1: Cat (Carter Deems)]
What’s my life like? Trollin’ police dogs
What you know about struggle? My homies been declawed
Catch a stray for rollin’ with street dogs
Only time he’s strapped is when he’s obeyin’ the leash laws! (Damn!)
I seen him rollin’ with dogcatchers - that’s the life he livin’
No joke, grown folks - I ain’t kitten (mew!)
Hit ‘em with a pound, I ain’t talkin’ time in prison
But this guy is snitchin’
When times get ruff, Dog starts talkin’ like Brian Griffin!

[Round 2: Dog (Hollow Da Don)]
Being catty, huh? That’s your plan of attack?
Wait, let’s look at your man in the back!
How you dissin’ me when your mans is an actual rat!?

I-I ain’t no rat! I ain’t no rat! Word to mother, B!

[Pimpin’ Pigeon (Lush One)]

[Round 2: Cat (Carter Deems)]
I’m shootin’, Dog: I’ll air bud
Even Clifford and Beethoven can get it
Bullets like dog years - I got one for all seven (Damn!)
Your buddy Rover got ran over
You watched his owner neglect him
I got my paws on a weapon like, “We gon’ see if all dogs go to heaven!”

[Round 3: Dog (Hollow Da Don)]
I’ll have my dogs on your roof like Snoopy on the crib
And pop outta nowhere wit’ them infrareds like, “Woof! There it is!”

[*Dog and his posse shine laser pointers at Cat and his crew, causing all the cats to start fighting and scratching each other, thus ending the battle*]

[Outro: Dog (Hollow Da Don)]
(*singing*) Snoop Doggy Dogg
Bow wow wow

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