Illusion lyrics


Akira The Don

Most of it's illusion
Most of it’s illusion
Most of it's illusion

So you know, I said what I had to say
I'm sure that I could’ve done it better, and many people have told me how I could have done it better, although it didn't mean they would actually do it
And you know, my job was at risk, serious risk for about two months, and it destabilized my family
They've been very brave about this, so like thumbs up to them, man
Here's the optimistic news, the university has left me alone completely, I shook hands with the Dean two weeks ago, we're on friendly terms
They don't want this to go any farthеr than it has already
The students wеre tremendously welcoming when I came back to teach in January
I haven't had a single negative incident at university and I've received thousands of letters from people all over the world
All of which have been in support. I’ve received two negative letters, that’s it, two
People have been in Kuwait longing to have the sort of thing that we're talking about, articulated, and so don’t be thinking you're alone
It's just that people can't talk, they’re afraid to talk, or they don't know what to say
And those are real problems, so if you're reasonably articulate, like start talking, sharpen yourself up
I mean, the enemy is a cloud
They're a cloud of gnats, they're only courageous in groups, they're only courageous in mobs
If you stand your ground, and don't apologize, and articulate things properly
They'll disperse around you, like they're not even there

Most of it's illusion
Most of it's illusion
Most of it's illusion
Most of it's illusion
And so don't be,... Be afraid, but be afraid of the right thing, and the right thing you should be afraid of is not saying what you say, 'cause that's the same as not being
And here you are suffering away, you might as well be at the same time at least then there's something to you
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